System Surveillance Pro

System Surveillance Pro

Affordable, easy-to-use computer monitoring software for all kinds of uses
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System Surveillance Pro is a powerful tool for all kinds of uses. It can be useful for parents who worry about the usage their kids are giving to the computer at home, and for the businesses owners, whose worries about leaking information or spies gathering or stealing information from the organization are a true menace.
Basically, it provides a full control in computer monitoring, with a variety of modules designed to capture the most details possible about the running activity in the computer where it is installed.
For instance, for parental control, the program gives parents the possibility to configure filters for blocking websites based on content, keywords or website addresses, block instant message services based on the same parameters, setting limits to the usage of the internet or the IM services, and so on. Probably the most valuable tool is the possibility to receive email alerts if an event occur. The parents can then login into a password-protected log to analyze the event and take the corresponding measures.
For the business sector, SSPro is a valuable way to ensure that the employees are using wisely and correctly the organization's resources, improving the productivity by limiting the access to certain websites, and logging the keystrokes in one or several computers.
When the main user installs the software, he/she is warned about the privacy irruption, later a second message will be shown to the workstation users, warning them that the computer is actively being monitored. Users should assume that all computer activity is being logged and act accordingly. Monitoring may include areas such as keystrokes typed, websites visited, programs run, instant messages sent and received, as well as other computer-related activities such as the software currently running in the equipment.
Beside all this functions, users can also set the software’s capability to take snapshots of the computer’s activity, setting the interval to take such a snapshot in minutes, the quality for the picture file and its file type, i.e. JPEG.
At first glance, the application seems to require a lot of configuration, but the user has a setup wizard which is very easy to use, and later modifications or changes can be done from the Settings panel.
Once the main user sets up all the information required for the program to work properly, he/she can also configure the email options to receive the alerts. Then, when closing the main window, the program will run allocated in the task bar. Common users have no access to the program without the password; they only see the warning and the information about the software. They cannot turn it off, not even from the task manager. This makes the software very reliable.

Eduardo Trejo
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  • Great software for parental control.
  • Great for employers to take control over employees' activity on the organization's computers


  • Sometimes firewalls blocks the installation process, it can be fixed by downloading a network version available at
  • Antivirus engines detects some of the components of the installation as a menace to systems' integrity
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